Consensual spanking book

I have not read the book, but accidentally came across the title of this book while browsing around the internet. Catchy title I thought. I like the guide stating that it is for Adult spanking games, but also as a potential lifestyle choice.

I believe I should advertise it once, simply because it had used this title long before I ever had this blog. Who knows, Maybe the author will make extra sales, and send me a free copy.(I like the word free)

Consensual Spanking: An Essential Guide to Adult Spanking Games and Techniques

Consensual Spanking Book Description

Consensual spanking is for adults wishing to indulge in a spanking relationship either for pleasure or as lifestyle choice. Topics include: Why people enjoy playing spanking games How to conduct a spanking How to receive a spanking Spanking safely Organizing a typical spanking session Positions, postures and presentation. Use of spanking implements Aspects of role-play Basic control techniques. Sensual and erotic forms of spanking Spanking as fore-play Domestic discipline.

Publisher: Adlibbed Ltd Author: Jules Markham
Language: English ISBN:1905277555
No. of Pages: 168 Publish Date: 2005-02-28
Binding: Paperback $17.99

Another book on the same theme, from the same author!

Domestic Discipline

Book Description

Domestic Discipline is a lifestyle choice for couples who want to rebalance their relationship and live in harmony through the application of caring, loving, discipline. This book show you how to set up, run, and benefit from a disciplinary lifestyle. Topics include: Why do people want a DD lifestyle? The Philosophy and Psychology of DD. Spanking and other forms of discipline. Corrective versus restorative discipline. Orgasm control and sexual focus. Discipline and emotional cycles. Synchronising your cycles. Applying the discipline. Maintenance discipline. Denial and Chastity. Enema discipline. Anal Discipline. DD in the bedroom and DD on the edge.

Publisher: Adlibbed Ltd Author: Jules Markham
Language: English ISBN:189731244X
No. of Pages: 184 Publish Date: 2007-05-31
Binding: Paperback cost $17.09

You can find these on Amazon.com if you have any desire to read either or both of these books. IF you do, please let us know



  1. I bought Domestic Discipline and enjoyed reading it. I have not shared it with my wife, although I hope to when the time is right. I think it is a good reference.

  2. Red - Yes, I have the first book. The pictures were great - I posted some of them here - but the many typos irritated me.


  3. Anon: thanks for sharing.... The right time will never actually occur, so good luck in finding a good time to discuss your spanking kink. However, if she has no spanking interest, I hope your kink is being spanked, because she might be unlikely to agree to being spanked. Who knows???

    Hermione: Forgot those drawings came from that book. thanks for the link



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