viewpoint one: Disciplinary wives club

In the spanking world of domestic discipline, there are three possibilities:

The woman spanks the man

The man spanks the woman

Both spank each other when necessary

(Obviously, their is also the case of two men or two women, and these cases can simply be thought of as one of the above, where one partner is the spanker, and the other partner is the spanked person)

I, therefore, suggest to my spankers that their is really no difference whether the man or the woman is spanked, and that the situation is that one member of the couple is the spanker, and the other member is the spanked person.

Their always exists the idea of play spankings, which can be just as severe as any of the above discipline spankings.

Today, let me advise any reader who has yet to visit the site to definitely visit

The Disciplinary Wives Club

At this site, you will find wonderful material about how to spank your partner, and how to live a female led relationship. The site owner "Aunt Kay" has a wonderful site, and a clear way of describing how to start a LOVING discipline lifestyle, with tips and methods, letters from REAL couples in the lifestyle, and many more items at the website.

IF you are considering the lifestyle, we highly recommend purchasing the lifestyle booklets. They give far greater depth of thought into facets of the lifestyle.

Just a few quotes from the site:

"A spanking should be an event to remember. Don't worry about how red his bottom gets.

The more color you put into it, the better you are doing. Don't pay any attention to his cries and pleas and promises. He will tell you anything to get you to stop. Allow him to squirm within limits. If it gets out of hand, give him a smack or two on the back of his thighs."

"When you are through spanking, or for that matter, giving any form of corporal punishment, be sure he thanks you for taking the trouble to correct him."

"If you feel the least bit sorry for him during all this, remember, a submissive man does not want a weak or lenient woman. He wants someone very strict and dominant. If he wanted anything different, he wouldn't be over your knees in the first place. This isn't a small child you are holding over your lap by force -- this is a grown man who needs and wants a hard spanking. Give it to him and pay no attention to his cries for mercy. The longer and harder you spank, the more he will love you for it. "

Our relationship is mostly of this nature, but with the spankings nowhere as severe as Aunt Kay suggests.

We totally believe that each couple finds the level that works for them, and this is different for every couple. Plus, unlike Aunt Kay's site, Cindy is also spanked, but NEVER of the severity that I am spanked.

I have included some pictures from the site, to encourage you to go and visit.



  1. Hmm - I have looked at the DWC website several times in the past few years.

    One thing that distracts me every time is the old fashioned web site design which wasn't good in the beginning and never improved. I think "Aunt Kay" needs some help in this regard.

    It seems that it hasn't been updated for years.

    The info on the site is good - but often just a teaser for commercial products.

    So - yes - it is nice of "Aunt Kay" to share her thoughts with us and to make the effort to set up the site. I could find several things to moan about but in general I'm grateful for her work.

  2. Andy: Thanks for the feedback. Anyone can create a website, and then offer information to readers. That is exactly what I am doing with this blog. I agree that it has not been updated in style, but it's the content that matters. I think the content is useful for males seeking a way to convince their wive to spank them.
    It's one drawback is not stressing that spanking can also simply be for fun, besides discipline.
    thanks for writing

  3. Hi Red,thanks for the info re DWC we are the same as you ,I get spanked the most (luckyoldme) herself only on special events or if I`ve been spanked by mistake .This doesn`t mean she as said she was wrong .seasons greetings davetochintoes

  4. David: you are a very lucky man, as am I.. Merry Christmas and season's Beatings. :)


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