A Russian spanking blog

My searches have found another fun blog

The author (Kin) of this site has numerous interesting photos, many from other sites but also ones that I have never seen.

Once again, if you use Google translator, and now choose Russian to English, you can copy and paste what KIN is writing.

The site has a number of fun videos, one of which is

Armand Van Helden - Hear My Name

Click on the name above , or copy and paste the following utube information into a new tab.


From the forty second point, the song has both men and women being spanked to the rhythm of the song.

The author (KIN) of the blog wrote: " Music video singer Armand Van Helden called Hear my name, contains a large number of F / M and F / F Spanking scenes."

I have left a message on his blog, but first used google translator to change the text to Russian. I hope that the tranlator works well, and does not say anything wrong.

Another feature Kin has is a number of his pictures that are throughout his blog, appearing in the side panel as a slideshow. I immediately checked it out, and will be implementing one on my blog. Thus, if you only drop by once a month, you can see a bit of a summary.

Hope you like the video, and I hope you find it interesting to see the international nature of spanking. Spanking is not just an American phenomena.

Here is the website




  1. Hi,
    Better not have too big expectations of google translator. I read a 'translated' article for a planned trip in my home language.. my oh my. But, I got what it meant! So as long as we don't all speak Russian, Spanish or whatever it'll do.

  2. Hello, Mr. Red. I am very grateful that you talked about my blog, the English-speaking people. I have a story about your blog host.
    Respectfully Kin

  3. Mathilde: You are definitely correct, but it is still fun to see from different countries.
    Pleased to help promote your site.


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