old (vintage) spanking pictures

With so many wonderful spanking blogs and sites, I will start clicking from link to link and let you know of the ones I really like. Guests are still with us, and spanking is at a minimum.With that COLD Canadian Arctic air reaching into Florida yesterday, spankings would definitely be helpful in keeping bottoms warm, and hands also if used to warm a person's bottom.It could well be that seeing these spanking pictures as a youth helped immensely to foster a spanking fetish. Some of them are definitely erotic, at least to me. The next shows more than just the woman's bottom being exposed.I identified with the spanker when I was a youth, and loved the beautiful pictures of a woman being spanked.This has evolved to my being the one that is spanked, with Cindy only occasionally receiving, instead of administering the spanking. No matter what discipline item/ or play might have caused the spanking, the erotic nature always stays close to the surface. Play spankings, which are indulged in sometimes, are truly erotic throughout.
The photo below though does make you intrigued by the spanker, and photos showing women being the spanker has probably allowed the transition to my being spanked far easier.It appears that both ladies have stockings on, but nothing else.

I found a number of hits using stat counter on my blog, and they came from My Bottom Smarts. It reminded me to go look at Bonnie's site, and there I found this spanking site listed.


Go visit if yo are interested


  1. Thanks for sharing the link, Red, I will return the compliment :-)

  2. Richard: only found this now... you are welcome


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