Photo spanking

Well, I will describe more about myself, but that will come later.

For now, I will start to set some rules for my blog. With spankings being somewhat consensual, I will never show bottoms that have been beaten beyond a reasonable amount. Blood will never be shown. Beyond that, I will make up my rules as I proceed.

If I would not want to spank a woman that hard, then a picture showing that hard will not be shown.

Humor will always be welcome.

The following comes form Real spankings, but I only show reasonable photos.

I thought I would concentrate on a woman being spanked today.

Yes, I know I am about to be spanked!
I am so sorry that this is necessary!
I won't try to protect my bottom again I promise!
Yes, I learned my lesson
Yes, you may take pictures for me to remember, but I won't quickly forget.
Photos quite some time ago from real spankings


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