mature spankers

The wonderful thing about TheThingWeDo  is that there are really no age limits.

Exception 1: on this blog, no spanking of children, or of being spanked as a child, ever appears on my blog.
Exception 2: Health and age are the only limitations
Thus photos of older women are totally appropriate 
and a pleasure to see, 
as men can admire and wish/worry about being spanked by one of them
Men realize that these are experienced spankers, so the spanking will be REAL
and you will be very well and thoroughly spanked
The last delightful thing is that age is not a detriment for someone to be a professional spanker
just a desire to give a real spanking

pleasant dreams
Okay, so I have this set of captioned photos that are funny, but could really be thought to be inappropriate. 

hope that is a smile...  or are you shaking your head.

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a couple plays in a BDSM room

Having conversed with Marco many times, I can assure all readers that this is a real couple's adventure.. I have previously published some of their activities.

"Lindsay and I had a great day in a BDSM-room last month.

Lindsay and I went to the dark room on this occaision.
I think it's safe to say that we are Dutch and did visit a German BDSM-room for rent.
We hired the room for 90 minutes and brought a lot of our toys too. The dominatrix was a very charming woman and told us that '90 minutes or more isn't a big deal.....just have fun and take your time'.
I think she enjoyed it a lot knowing that Lindsay was the dominatrix.

Lindsay spanked me a lot and the marks of the day were visible for more than 3 days after the event.

I assured her that I loved every part of it.

While I was strapped to a 'spanking chair', Lindsay put on a rubber glove and probed my a great deal......she used her own 'fluids' (Lindsay was soaking wet!) to get the glove wet.

The time flew and Lindsay had a great orgasm as I went 'down on her'.

I was allowed to climax 'between her calves', after a few brisk spankings. 

Lindsay didn't want me to climax 'just like that' and spanked me when she felt I was 'getting to close'.
The BDSM-room was very tidy and well equipped.

Lindsay agreed that we should be visiting it again in a few months!

I love my wife!

The lady who runs the place is also visible on the website, but we didn't play with her. It was just Lindsay and me.

We keep BDSM and sex between the two of us. Of course.


Has anyone else been adventurous and tried this/

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effectively spanked

I am sometimes my worst enemy, and say things or get grumpy without a reasonable cause. Yesterday, this once again reared it's head, and we had a very small tiff.

While Cindy was out on messages, I came back to my senses and realized that being spanked would settle the waters, and calm my feelings of bein grumpy.

Deciding that I should be spanked is a good step in my opinion, and I was certain Cindy would agree.

I first placed three pillows on top of each other on the bed, and practiced being over them bottom up, so that angle would be fine. Implements were then retrieved for Cindy to choose from, or request something else. The implements I put out were the long leather tawse, the teacher's crooked cane, and a straight thinker cane.

When Cindy arrived home, I apologized for my grumpiness before, and ill-advised words, and asked she spank me. She accepted both my apology, and the request to be spanked.  I stated I would go upstairs and stand in the corner until she was ready.

When Cindy arrived in the bedroom, she was delighted to see the set-up and the implements, and complimented me on my choices. I had been thinking she would choose one, or use each for maybe what is called 'six of the best', but that was not to be the case.

Being told me to take off my underwear! I quickly was naked and over the pillows. Cindy questioned if it was good for my back, and I responded it seemed fine.

The long tawse was selected, and it was applied strongly across my bottom, causing feet dancing and squirming with each stroke. No such thing as 'six of the best' as more than twenty strokes were given, slowly until I was really performing feet antics. (straight out, knees firm, straight up knees bent, and in between dancing to Cindy's amusement. "This must be really effective!" Yes, dear.  Throughout this part of the spanking, a lecture was delivered about my behavior, with my agreeing to every suggestion Cindy made. (The long tawse does create this reaction at times)
Cindy stated well let's try this cane NOW, shall we? Yes, Dear!
Quick, strong, whippy strokes traveled all over my bottom, and occasionally beyond the crease of bottom to legs. A pause to review the lecture, then more spanks. My bottom was really on fire.

"Shall we finish with using this other cane?" was a question that I did not have to answer. Yes, Cindy stated, that seems to be a good idea.  (photos is obviously not me, but a decent example of a lighter shade of red that my bottom was displaying)

A number of strong cane strokes, then Cindy moved to the other side of the bed to make certain each cheek was well caned. More than twenty strokes were given with each implement.

When Cindy decided she was finished with spanking me, I was permitted to rise, and I thanked her immediately for the spanking. She said "you are welcome", and you may look in the mirror.

My entire bottom was red, with a number of discernible cane strokes at the top of my bum, and red every else.

I felt much better after the spanking, sore, but happy. (this is NOT a picture of me, and my bottom was both redder, and far greater coverage)

bottoms up

My bottom is still VERY sore today, but the redness has totally disappeared.


Scarlett Hill Entertainment (spanking) part 1

This is a wonderful site that I think every spanking aficionado should visit at least once, and you may end up visiting many, many times afterwards.

I will make two postings about this site, as I think it was a wonderful creation, and still has worthwhile fanzines for people to occasionally purchase.

Back in the pre-internet days, I came across one of their booklets on spanking, and eventually purchased quite a few of them, as it contained spanking material not readily available anywhere else. Prior to finding these, I would pick up the occasional spanking magazine with lots of pictures but few stories to filter into your imagination. Paperback novels existed, which really were produced by writers almost at the cost of a dime a dozen, so the quality was kind of severely lacking.

Scarlett Hill had stories written that you could believe, and the art work was amazing.

The comparison is similar to:

reading a book and getting more depth into the thinking and imagining the activities,


simply seeing a movie, which although spectacular, usually does not portray the thoughts of the participants nor the details involved.

Spankers and spankees want the depth of the mind, whereas tumblr can just show photos and gifs forever.

I love the spanking stories, and the art work!

This cover was a delight for the imagination, and is still my all-time favorite

You can easily place yourself into the position of the humiliation of the man being spanked, and then his wife pausing to answer the telephone, and her telling her friend that she is currently spanking her husband.  WOW!
( I know it says boys, but I interpret it to be her husband.)
An explanation: back in the 80's and early 90's, the idea that a man would be spanked by his wife was really an unheard of event. It was not in the spanking magazines, except BDSM with whips and other heavy details. A man might be stated to be "hen-pecked", but SPANKED?????

This is a simple family scene, with everyone in normal everyday clothes and the man is being SPANKED! Unheard of, at least I my mind. I only believed women are the people that are spanked.

Today, I would be proud to say that since retirement, I am a very well spanked husband, and our love has grown deeper and greater since Cindy started spanking me.

Unfortunately, Cindy would be embarrassed, so we have told no one outside people on the Internet who have become friends.

Putting up with me after retirement,  24 / 7,  does need the regular spankings! It curbs my dominant traits, which I believe are always for doing fun things and doing good, but simply stifle any other opinion!

We have been retired 15 years.

So, let me end this post including the email I received from Barb, and my reply.

Please go visit the site for whichever version of spanking you like to read and imagine. Their are also videos, etc...

My subsequent post will explain more about the site, and less about me.

One of their newer versions is (an offshoot of no nonsense ladies

I do not read nor purchase any parent spanking child, but many readers like this role play. In my mind, I interpret this picture as a young wife spanking her husband, with her mil's approval and guidance!
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beer or wine

Which is your favorite...
Beer: hickory switch porter        

                                   or spanking bottoms Red

Whichever it is, do you prefer to be the spankee?
or the spanker? (does not spanker sound like spank HER
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for all Canadians (but would apply equally well if it said kick them out of Congress.!



MILF - something for every man and woman to enjoy

Thought I might catch your attention with the title.
Being that it is Friday the 13TH, you are taking a chance when you say how you love MILF today

and really, the other meaning just of MILF JUST shows our appreciation of women. However

And, as certain as men are from Mars and women are from Venus, some women would have the above reaction, followed by this

 and if you joked like this outside, then


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thoughts for today

this is a good philosophy in life
However, sometimes Cindy and many other wives or husbands take this approach
websites can show this role play of how to solve a problem
and the reaction can be quite charming to view
But when it is going to be a real spanking in a relationship, apologizing is always good, but never avoids the spanking (websites show REALSPANKINGS ALSO, but usually with paid participants)
Cindy does achieve sincerity in creating different shades of Red
 and it is always pants down

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