your future

This is an inevitable situation that repeats itself in a female lead spanking lifestyle

do not dally, any delay just increases your punishment

and be ready for her to admire your red bottom later that day, and maybe even brighten it up a little, and you once again will have a problem solved and a happy wife!
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submissive thoughts

This caption  applies equally to a man or a woman
You simply do as you are told, and bend over with your hands on the bed if that is how you are instructed to present your bottom
or your panties are lowered and you simply verbally respond to the spanks while staying in position
sometimes you are more stoic
and simply await the next spank
sometimes you await your turn to once again be spanked and watch your friend being spanked
and really
and truly, when told:
we immediately acquiesce.
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when people like to be spanked

Some of us love to be spanked, as long as the spanking is significant, but not too too hard. Thus, this is appropriate for at least some spankees

Some of us can be motivated to be exceptionally good, if we will receive a reward: a spanking!
The above seems to me an IDEAL situation, that I would love to find myself in!
now the reward;
and as you can see this man has been suitably rewarded

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The hand speaks its own language

The hand is always handy if you need to add a little discipline on the spot to your partner!
You might even pause for the photographic opportuntiy
Depending on time available, simply pants and underwear off, and over the knee
any room will do
 specially at bedtime..see if you can match the red of the pjs
concentrate to do a thorough job
but be happy with your task
he will be a better behaved man
so whoop it up joyously, to drown out his please of woe
 be determined
All these photos come from
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fun way to read the time

Well, actually, two fun ways to display the time...


I always appreciate imaginative ideas.

In this second method: 

click with the mouse on the clock to see the time in numbers.
Click to go back to the clock.
very funny and precise !!!!


Thanks to whoever produced this.

It's time for your spanking: HERE, now




Some fun items are floating around the internet spankosphere at the moment!
When it is time to be spanked, their is no avoiding it! (art work comes from spanked by their wives yahoo group)
No matter how you apologize, or plead
You will be lectured
and really
bottoms up


fun leg locks (for the viewer)

A little post of ways to control the spankee for the spanking, thus increasing their feeling of submission.
The lady is happy to pose for the photo, he really has no choice in the matter

A lady being spanked in this position is truly delightful for the viewers
and always remember
 and their is no escaping
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Oh, to be a shoe salesman

Flashing fun at a shoe store

the line for applicants starts on the right
 now this one is so posed

 of course, always be alert for fun views in a restaurant
 or the library
 even an outdoor table
parking in the suburbs
or in any hotel hallway
Women just want to have fun, so enjoy life with them
all photos come from
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