spanked again

Well, sometimes I get uptight, and rather bossy. I think I am giving constructive ideas, but they do not come out that way to Cindy's understanding.

This happened a couple of days ago, and the next day had me bare bottomed OTK for a good dose of both the heart shaped leather paddle, and the wooden Dwc both sides wooden hairbrush.

This was an exceptionally more painful spanking, as Cindy first used the leather paddle, and whaled away to great effect, staying on one spot, my feet dancing, picking another spot to tarry, feet dancing, again and again. There was even a pause for a little scolding, and then starting a fresh as though I had not already felt a multitude of significant spanks.

The spanking again paused, and then Cindy used the wooden (i forget its name) paddle [wooden brush without a bristle] Old Reliable i now remember... 

Every spank was as hard as before, except this is SOLID HEAVY WOOD, and I was owwwing and yelping loudly with each spank.

Cindy ignored my feet dancing and my noise making and delivered many many spanks with this implement. The way I was spanked, I quite possibly could have been  in tears in a few minutes more, but fortunately Cindy stopped.

Wow!. I was once again reminded of what I had done wrong, and was told to pull my panties up for a photo.
The red went significantly up to near the top of my bottom, and I still feel that spanking today (two days later)

The love making was fabulous, soon thereafter.

I will have to learn from this spanking!!! for certain.

bottoms up


Adventurous sexual Tuesdays (nipples)

We had a rather thrilling time recently, with Cindy being the leader in the play. Cindy has in the last few months being kissing and more taking charge while we make love, and a fun part of that has been that she is kissing and nibbling,
and breathing hot air on my nipples.
Their is a lot of other foreplay, from deep kissing , to kissing each other on the neck, while our hands fondle each other.
This specific mind blowing event was that Cindy was more determined than ever, and her concentrating on one breast and nipple had me oooing and ahhing for real.
I couple of months ago, it was somewhat fake on my part, due to the unfamiliarity with this ever in life. As the play became more intense, and with hand stimulation of my cock, I soon found myself extremely sexually excited, while also fondling Cindy's breasts.
I tried to maneuver so that I could start orally pleasing Cindy, but she would have none of it, a woman on a definite mission. She told me to just stay on my back and enjoy. The kissing and sucking got intense, the feelings were wonderful, with a little bite now and then to make certain I knew who was in charge,
and when Cindy realized that I was plateauing, moved quickly to orally bring me to a climax! SHE KEPT MY SEED IN HER MOUTH, THEN QUICKLY MOVED BACK UP TO ME AND DEEP FRENCH KISSED ME!

It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was still in the heat of having orgasmed, and now I was deep kissing my wife and my semen!!!

WOW!!!. When we finally slowed down, I immediately went down on Cindy and she climaxed almost immediately.

I never knew my nipples could be so erotically charged as a part of foreplay. We cuddled and talked, and I asked " did you plan that?"

She said certainly! she then went on to explain that she had read this scene in one  of the books she had been reading, it had made her hot, and wanting to try it.. so.. you seemed to enjoy it...

My response was she should keep reading books of this nature!
I will get the name of the book and post it later.

one place to look at nipple play is the following:

bottoms up


COMMANDO: joys of the runway

Well, in keeping with the beach trend, fashion runways are also quite excellent.
Gwyneth never  looked better
and Anne Hathaway with a demur flash
 now the designer of this dress deserves an award
 and so it goes
Catch the attention of the audience
 wow them
 and enjoy being admired
 makes the beach look rather tame
va va voom
and remember
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The joys of the beach

I enjoy looking at women enjoy showing.... so beachwear is becoming more fabulous every year!!!
Besides being able to absorb sunshine (wearing a lot of suntan lotion I hope)
 One can always get exercise strolling along the beach
 or simply enjoy reclining on a blanket resting on the sand
Friends are always nearby to talk to
 and more arrive as the day goes on
 So I have been working on my bucket list (one beer at a time)
and having lots of happy times

but still, visiting beaches in Europe are more fun
photos come from the internet public domain 

and other sites
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humorous readings

Well, do you wonder why these ladies are so happy?
Take a guess

note the slow build-up
and the eyes closed reading

I can't remember where I found this, but it was entitled
 Hysterical Literature; reading with a vibrator
Looks accurate to me, or as more likely, great actors...
 and, as many women have stated
bottoms up


The Second Coming

A young Catholic girl went to confession and said to the priest, "I'm pregnant." 

He asked, "How did this happen, my child?" 

She said, "I think it must have been the second coming." 

The priest, shocked by this reply, asked, "What makes you think this has anything to do with the Second Coming?" 

She replied, "Because I swallowed the first one!!"

Thought I would try humor to start your day. It is healthy to smile and enjoy life...
However, sending this to your wife, if she doesn't approve, might having her waiting at the door
then sitting, waiting for you to bare your bottom

 even being unhappy with your very red bottom
and only the paddle will suffice to alleviate her unhappiness
unfortunately, you sent it to her sister, who wants a few whacks at your bottom
A smile a day is worthwhile
bottoms up


xMissy.nl Media » Dry throat - a great solution

Here is a cute little solution to having  a dry throat!It definitively made me smile... and was sent by a friend to me.

The link should work, but here is the full link...

Now, imagine... that that these two women are then spanked later the same day
First the baring
then the presentation of the bottoms to be spanked
the spanking
and looking at how red their bottoms are...
enjoy life.....spank often
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Spanked people are happy people

Thought I would give you a little collection of  photos of people smiling while displaying their reddened bottom..
It goes without saying, but I am saying it anyways, that these photos are of paid spanking models

as most of us do not post our faces on the spanking internet scene
but it does bring to the forefront that many spanking situations
are consensual
and requested by the spankee
so why not be happy after you have been spanked! I am
bottoms up