being undressed for a spanking (admiring the view)

If the gaze lingers
or with a lingering gaze
the spanking will be even more enthusiastic
when you are over her knee
and she intends to prove she was not distracted
as you hoped would happen
rest assured, the finger will soon point where you are wanted
and as the brush descends
the dance will begin
bottoms up


being undressed for a spanking (not looking at the view)

A determined woman, intent on spanking you
has no interest in your  manhood
She may completely ignore it
or intently look you in the eye
emphasizing her control over you
even better if she looks at her friend while pulling your underwear down
but if she truly wants to ignore it, she will simply have you over her knee when she lowers ypour underwear.
hope you are enjoying the prep
bottoms up


european advertisements (adventurous tuesdays)

This one was too good not to take a photo.

Enjoy the thought
so much for Google translate:
this becomes gladjeflicken out now
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being undressed for a spanking (the view)

Cindy has always professed a sorrow that my erection is about to disappear, when I am about to be spanked. I always reply that it can easily be revived later. 
A new site has a tremendous amount of these type of photos
They show the view that a seated woman has
when she has bared a man's bottom
and she may well be smiling to herself
but, with a determined look
That this man deserves a strong spanking
and that the site of his penis (whether erect or limp)
will not deter her from her mission
When younger, my penis would always be erect
but as age advances, I arise to the situation most times
but not always
I will not name the site, as it's premise is spanking boys. Fortunately, outside of the artwork, no children are shown in the tumblr.


never go to bed angry

A hint to have a good marriage is to  never go to bed angry.
As one comedian stated:
"we never go to  bed angry
  One time we were up for 8 months"
an alternative solution
men learn
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at the office (fantasy)

I have always collected what I thought to be interesting spanking photos,
and being spanked is a nice fantasy
but I am now going through the collection on the computer and deleting.
Thus, I am building posts for when we  are travelling, and deleting photos from my computer
today's should serve as a warning to Baxter to behave at the office
but a wonderful fantasy!
bottoms up


spanked again: cruise ship part two

Let me say, that if we are away for a significant time, then significant spankings are needed to ensure harmony! I tend to be both extremely relaxed, and somewhat unthinking.

A new port brings adventure. No guided tours for us, where the guide will drone on about the history of the seventh czar, or king, or whatever Chinese dynasty existed when this was built! Look and enjoy the ancient artifacts, and move on. Any real history I will read on my own! With a new port almost every day, simply enjoy being there!

However, I forget little things like eating, and drinking water, and simply keep wandering, sometimes until Cindy is  ready to pass out. I am always intrigued by what I will find around the next corner. Obviously, Cindy should speak up more, but she does make  a point of spanking me to get my attention, and it works for a few days.

Describing the spankings is simply repetition from the previous post, but  rest assured it was very effective. Bare bottom, over the knee, first the wooden bath brush that would have my feet doing a merry jig, followed by the leather metal studded paddle with a damnable tip that makes certain every crevice is well spanked! In addition, Cindy is beginning to love using the leather higher up on my cheeks, without danger of injury from wood,  and the brush on and below where the bottom meets the tip of the legs! (does make for a definite foot dancing experience)
Normally, the spanking would be given before going to dinner, ensuring that I would feel it's effects throughout the meal, and that I would remember to be extremely polite with the table mates we had. They were very nice, but would go on at times about how wonderful what they did today, as the best possible thing that could have happened in the day. (Maybe Cindy should have branched out and spanked him instead)
I know many readers may be appalled with the idea of wearing panties, but I find after a day wandering (where I wear regular men's underwear), this ramps up the sexual anticipation for later in the evening! Yes, I wear them under my pants for dinner and the evening. 

As you age, anything that helps enhance and keep the sex drive alive is wonderful. We have friends who have not made love in over a decade. We prefer to make love a least twice a week. The sex that night when this picture was taken was AMAZING!

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fun in Europe

A spanker's delight: A stall in a marketplace with so many different wooden brushes

Another wonderful discovery when traveling is to see amazing architecture. Below is a picture of the Pont Neuf bridge in Paris, the oldest bridge in Paris that took 26 years to build, and was completed in 1604. words fail me, how beautiful it is!
of course, their is always (or unfortunately) a McDonald's close at hand
but other hamburger joints can be equally appealing
however, naughty pictures leads to the inevitable
 and your wife enjoys you being over her knee
bottoms up


little spankings

The advantage of little on the spot corrections is to simply vent when annoyed, or upset. Cindy uses this occasionally (or sometimes more frequently) in the kitchen related to dinner time.

I write this while sitting on a toasty bottom, while Cindy finishes in the kitchen. I many times help in the kitchen, and many times am shooed away. (go figure)

The advantage is that hopefully afterwards the stress or anxiety or upset is done. Seems like that might not be the case tonight, but time will tell.

They usually work. My suggestion is that you should try them, if they are not a part of your normal spanking lifestyle

Your smile for today!!! 
Ok, it's official. I'm getting old.
The other day I was walking on the beach.
Looking out her condo was this smoking hot 19, maybe 20 year old, babe.
I mean she was really hot.

My thought? "I wonder what her mother looks like." 


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