Definitely in the swing, as the second day after the first spanking, it was bare bottoms up again.

Well, let me recap: This is two days later, and I cannot remember why the spanking was given. I imagine it is an age related thing, but I have always been a forgetful person. 

 Cindy just came in the room, and I asked her why for this posting I am writing, and she thought for  a little bit, and then said because I had been grumpy, and it is the best way to solve my grumpiness. She is correct, that spankings solve any grumpiness on my part.

The delightful part of spanking in our relationship is that it easily solves problems, whenever I am at fault.  Prior to spanking, I could be a grouch for a day or two (occasionally longer), which in retrospect is ridiculous. Staying unhappy about something is just such a waste of time.
Cindy propped herself on the bed, and asked me to choose an implement and come over her knees. I chose the wooden bath brush, as I know it is VERY EFFECTIVE with minimal effort on Cindy's part.

Removing my pants and underwear, i handed Cindy the bath brush and crawled over her knees. The following caption were not the words Cindy used, as she lamented that my significant erection would disappear duing the spanking.
However, i assured her that it would spring to life after the spanking, as she gently engulfed my erection between her thighs. (delightful)
Cindy caressed my bottom for a short while, and then a good solid spanking was given. My bottom was quite on fire, with some owwing and feet dancing before the spanking ended.

As many times happens, after thanking Cindy for the spanking, we made passionate love. It was glorious. Cindy was the leader on top having me on my back, holding my arms down for a little while while we kissed, then ground her body on top of mine while asking how my bum felt being ground into the bed..... moving down my body kissing, licking and sucking delightful places including my chest before going lower.


Instead of being grumpy for a period of time, I was spanked, and then we made passionate love.

Another WIN WIN scenario, and a happily, and extremely satisfied couple.

If you are wondering if being spanked is a good thing in your marriage, the answer is a resounding YES!!!

    An old Italian man in Brooklyn is dying. He calls his grandson to his bedside, "Guido, I wan' you lissina me. I wan' you to take-a my chrome plated ...38 revolver so you will always remember me."

"But grandpa, I really don't like guns.. How about you leave me your Rolex watch instead?"

"You lissina me, boy! Somma day you gonna be runna da business, you gonna have a beautiful wife, lotsa money, a big-a home and maybe a couple of bambinos. "

"Somma day you gonna come-a home and maybe finda you wife inna bed with another man. Whatta you gonna do then, point at your watch and say times up?
bottoms up


Get Undressed!

Wow, the title has probably caught your attention..... but unlike you might be excitedly thinking about, another possible excitement is the rest of the title.

Get Undressed for World Naked Gardening Day

The first Saturday in May marks World Naked Gardening Day. Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like.
The event was created by Mark Storey and Jacob Gabriel and is currently in its 12th year.
According to its website , the day is all about “getting naked and making the world’s gardens–whatever their size, public or private–healthier and more attractive.”
Storey also makes the point that no one will be penalized if they don’t get all the way down to their birthday suit.
So why be naked? Well, Storey says it’s about feeling that natural connection to nature.
“The gardening-naked connection is pretty natural,” he told NY Daily News. “There’s not much body acceptance around, so the idea is to get people to try it. Maybe they will realize that the human body is OK, and also beautify the earth a little bit.”

The movement began in Storey’s native Seattle but is now celebrated all around the world.
Public nudity laws vary from state to state, so be sure to read up on it if you enter a public gardening space.
Storey’s website also recommends you tell someone about what you’re doing to spread the word.
“Secondly,” he writes, “tell someone about your experience. No one owns this event, so it does not really matter whom you tell, but tell someone.”
Testimonials on the site say how much more connected and free people feel when gardening naked.
Even if you may not want to get naked, gardening has been proven to be good for your health, and more than that, it’s fun!
This year, WNGD falls on May 7, so mark your calendars and be one with nature in all your naked glory.
Unfortunately, I am a little too shy to do this, as all our neighbors overlook our back yard, and a visit from the police would be unpleasant.
Bicycling naked I would do, as then you are in a group of like minded individuals, and going naked at a nude beach is a delight. Oppressive laws about nudity are not to be trifled with as an individual, unless maybe you live in Portland or Seattle.

here is another way to get exercise!

Maybe next year.
the above article came from

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spanking begins again

Now that we are home from vacation, I was quite feeling the need to be spanked. It is a  craving, a desire within me. I imagine many people reading this blog have similar feelings. It is addictive, and can be promoted by writing or reading about spankings, seeing spanking photos or art, or captioned photos where the caption clearly states a spanking is forthcoming in your future. Obviously, many more people are interested in spanking than we would think, with so so many blogs, tumblrs, pay sites and myriad other items

Are you similarly INCLINED?

Cindy goes through phases of spanking frequently, then not at all for a while. Being back three full days, and no spanking in sight, even though I had suggested it, I decided to request a spanking in a more provocative way.
While Cindy was taking a shower, I positioned myself on our bed, naked, with three pillows under my waist raising my bottom, and the long TAWSE  on my back.
Cindy came in the bedroom after her shower, wrapped in a towel. She may have been slightly surprised, but stated I would have to wait until after she had dried her hair and herself. She also questioned whether this was a good position for a man with a bad back that acts up at times.

I agreed, and waited by sitting up and reading a book. When Cindy re-entered the room, I promptly went back over the pillows.

Cindy picked up the tawse and used it well, wit my feet dancing almost immediately. (Aside: Yes, Ronnie, it does have a significant BITE!)  Cindy however, paused, and re-stated about my back, and I agreed that this was for a younger person.

Cindy moved to the spanking chair, whereas I retrieved the shorter tawse, and the leather heart shaped studded  paddle, and Cindy's black leather high heel shoes.

As I have stated before, the shoes raise her knees, and brings them to a perfect level for my hands and toes to reach the floor, and they are also so very erotic.

A pat of the knee, and I was face down over her knees. The short tawse rained down on my bottom, and my feet were no longer touching the floor, but dancing around in the air. Many spanks were given, sometimes all to one cheek then to the other, and then the back of the legs and back again. The fun part of the tawse is that the two tips delve into the joins of your cheeks, so that area, NORMALLY VIRGIN UNTOUCHED, really FEELS the bite and the sting.
Cindy remarked while continuing to spank: what a wonderful dance my feet were doing.

.A pause, however brief, as Cindy placed the tawse on the floor, and picked up the paddle. It rained down, and Cindy used many glancing spanks, bringing the effect of the studs into maximum effect.

The spanking certainly was effective, and when Cindy eventually stopped, my bottom was a bright red and SORE, in the best way possible. We had made up for lost spanking time. I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and asked if I could look in the mirror, which Cindy happily agreed to. Fire engine red, specially the crack joining the cheeks. (that alone is why you should buy a tawse)

Cindy took a picture, but it did not come out well.

We then proceeded to having absolutely mind blowing sex, I love orally satisfying Cindy, and we used her favorite position after necking and fondling and sucking ..
and then she orally brought me to orgasm.
What a wonderful re-start of our spanking relationship.
(NO PHOTOGRAPHS INVOLVE US, and are simply taken from the internet tumblr sites.)
PS: while cuddling today (one day later), Cindy asked to see my bare bottom, and was delighted to see that it was still quite pink. While typing this more than 24 hours after the spanking, my bottom is still delightfully sore)

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help needed

A smile for today

Dear friends:
I’ve been affected by the financial situation which we all are going through.
I only buy rotting cheese
And dry meat
I drink old wines
My car has no roof
My bathtub is outside
and my friend has almost nothing to wear
 But here I am, still coping and struggling.
I hope things will improve.

at least, my spankings are freely given, and very thorough
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spankings and high heels

Many people enjoy seeing a woman in high heels, and assuredly many women enjoy wearing them.

Many men enjoy seeing a woman spank a man, and assuredly many women enjoy spanking their man.
Put these two desires together, and you have this wonderful site to visit.
Your partner might be dressed to go out, but decides you need a warning spanking before you go.
She might even have you disrobe, just to show who is boss, before you are spanked
here is the site: enjoy

rest assured, the shoes are sturdy enough to support you over her knee
and a woman can find herself being spanked by another woman also
she might be going out for the evening, but leaving you at home with a well spanked bottom, and lines to write
best to obey ASAP, you are never going to avoid a spanking when it has been determined that you are going to be spanked

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home again

Traveling is great, but home sweet home is also terrific. We had another great vacation. and I will write more as time goes by. However, there was little opportunity for spankings, although some were earned. Being a male, how can you ever be expected to be perfect, and thus notches are assigned, and  spankings are certain to follow.
One can only hope that this is the small tawse that is being hidden behind this woman's back, but someday soon it will probably be the longer tawse, which I am already dreading, and wondering why I ever purchased such an item.
of course, other alternatives exist..
but I thought a photo of a woman would be more appealing than one of my bottom
Hope it is just the hair brush on her bottom, or maybe followed by a belt, but not the long tawse.

Just one item from the flight. the stewardesses were FABULOUS
One can really enjoy their cute manner of wearing their new uniforms.
thought for today:
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Miss LINA : so beautiful being spanked

WOW!!!!! I just love photos of beautiful women, who normally are the spanker, but being shown as the SPANKEE!.

i FOUND THIS ON     http://fessee.tumblr.com/post/62609507  from Dec 2008

Not certain where I found the top two.

You can see more at  http://spanking-board.com/index.php?topic=3406.0

you might like  to visit one of her websites

I would love to be spanked by Miss Lina...maybe for posting the top two photos. Where might I sign up.

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can you name this song

Can you name this song

the answer is further in this posting!
Thought for today.......

This discussion can apply to both a woman and a man

The song would be    Moon River
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reasons a man might be spanked

So many reasons, so little time
stated slightly differently, after you had agreed to stop being a naughty boy.
and yet... men cannot help themselves....
She might say later in the evening
 and yet, time and again, we men need to be reminded
staring results in
 and then we forget to do our chores..
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