end art

For those fans of EndArt, which has closed! End Art had drawings that covered any spanking scene you could imagine, and a few you may not have thought of.
Here are a few concepts they covered

Spanking your man makes you sexually aroused
 thinking your spanking was done, and learning it has only just begun
Suddenly realizing you are about to be spanked
 making certain he understands you enjoy being spanked, and what has happened is only the warm-up
and celebrating that you have been spanked more than once in the same day
You could even imagine a servant spanking you

Here is a site that lets the fabulous art work live on.

you could also have being spanked by someone much younger than you
 or someone else witnessing or helping with your spanking.
enjoy looking at the different art.
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I have always been fascinated by trivia, and I thought you might be interested in this bit of trivia as well
where did the famous Texas  Longhorn logo idea come from?

I did not know this!
My role to teach you something new everyday has been accomplished!
HMMMMM : does my wife look pleased after seeing this post?
Maybe holding that belt is not only symbolic?
and why  is she setting up that chair?
 Oh well, this is the thanks I get for trying to be light hearted and funny
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Comic spanking Art (Part 3)

It is actually quite unbelievable how common spanking existed in the comic books of our youth. Here are some more examples

A lovely way to solve a problem.  Added delight is that one person has to wait for their spanking.

plus, one had the added thought that the woman so very much appreciated being spanked
how about a woman being spanked by a man in an authority position
Being spanked by Supergirl! WOW! Maybe we would have loved the experience!
Lois gets spanked by a Superman Robot
and, this is even more enjoyable when you realize why

Seeing this on the newsstand would have you gazing over every magazine cover to see similar
and lastly, at that time, maybe being spanked was beneficial, but, now, better methods exist to raise children than fear and pain.

I guess it all simply means that parents MUST BE PARENTS. They need to set reasonable standards, and follow-up when that the standards are not met. It has been the same throughout history, and parents of today have it no harder nor no easier than parents of previous generations.

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It is very daunting to see
your partner standing on the stairs holding implements
and to have to climb the stairs to your spanking
Equally daunting is to have to follow her up the stairs
looking upwards
following meekly to your spanking
knowing those tawses or straps are going to have you hollering in pain during your spanking.
all that remains when you get there is:

Do you own a TAWSE? IF not, you should purchase a long one.



On the Road Again

We have been at home for almost two months, and that is too long for me. There is such a big wide world out there,  and staying home makes me antsy.
We are off to the beach and then a city, so combining ideas.
I have left numerous posts, but MAY NOT  be able to post your comments until I get back. we will see how things go.

May you be well, happy, and spanked as often as you need/want.

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always effectively spanked

Few spankings lately, but when given the spanking is very effective.

Cindy has adopted a preference to use three implements, and this time was the short tawse, the bath brush, and one of Ronnie' Canes.

I had to retrieve Cindy's patent leather high heel shoes, and put them on her while she sat on the spanking chair. A happy, quite joyful comment of how she loves wearing them, so this is an added attraction to spanking you.

After the shoes, I dutifully retrieved the spanking implements, and placed them on the floor beside her.

I then lowered my pants and underwear, and awaited the tapping of her knee to bend over her lap. she asked me to hand her the tawse, which I did while over her knee, and the spanking commenced quick, hard and fast. High, low, back of the legs, and everywhere in between, wrapping, and delving between the cheeks.

Cindy really put a lot of effort into this, and was sort of out of breath when she stopped. I had been my normal squirming, feet dancing, owwing self.

Cindy fondled my bottom, and stated that this far cheek received much more of the spanking. Please hand me the bath brush.

A complete spanking was delivered to only the closer less spanked cheek, with many many sharp fast and hard spanks before Cindy paused again. My feet were really dancing and jerking.

Well, that's much better now, stated Cindy.

Yes Dear.

Okay, please set the pillows on the bed, and place yourself over them.

|Yes, Dear.

When positioned, Cindy used many cane strokes, some of which were much higher than ever before, as I was positioned so she could see a different area than when over the knee. A few really made me jerk about.

Cindy finally stopped, but not before saying, well maybe another six or so.

When permitted to rise, I thanked Cindy for the spanking. Cindy was beeming looking at  her handiwork.

When I looked in the mirror, a few harsh lines near the top of my bottom, and the near cheek had that telltale grey in the center showing a great amount of spanks to that area.


We then cuddled, fondled, and had glorious sex, with no worries in the world.

My bottom was sore for two days whenever I sat, a fond reminder of the spanking and our LOVE!

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