Top 10 Sex-Life Boosters and Busters

The ideas being expressed here are from RealAge.com, a site I recommend everyone join for health related tips daily. However, the photos are of my own way of thinking!

1. Watching Rear Window, Not When Harry Met Sally

Flicks that get your heart pumping or your belly laughing do more for your love life than those that calm you down. That's because things that arouse, rather than suppress, your heart rate and cardiovascular system significantly enhance sexual response. So yes, a zip-lining date or even a short run may do more for you between the sheets than another round of golf.
How to get your heart pumping!

2. Talking : We don't mean just pillow talk. Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your partner at all times can be a potent aphrodisiac. Intimacy isn't just about what happens between the sheets. It's also about understanding each other's moods, desires, and likes. Being in sync with your partner? Now that's sexy. It's never too late to start:
Understand the MOOD!
3: Filling Up on These Fruits: Healthful foods in general keep your body working better, which keeps your sex life in good working order, too. But some foods seem to give your love life a little extra oomph. Try figs. They're rich in amino acids that may set your desire afire. Or, if you're a guy, eat more bananas. They contain bromelain, an enzyme thought to boost male libido.
laughter is always healthy and this is one banana worth eating
4. Eating: These Stalks Asparagus and celery can also help with the horizontal tango. Asparagus is rich in vitamin E, which is essential for hormone-building, and celery contains androsterone, a hormone released in male sweat that turns women on (Seriously. It's been tested.).
This is a great horizontal tango
5: Drinking Ginseng Tea:When scientists reviewed a group of studies that looked at the sexual-healing powers of various foods, plants, and herbs, ginseng demonstrated some real potential. Red ginseng contains little compounds called ginsenosides, which may help with arousal in both men and women.
Fluids are always necessary for good health

6: Doing the Little Workout with Big Benefits:For men, nature's Viagra may come in the form of pelvic-floor exercises. Women have long used pelvic exercises for a variety of problems. Recent research found that when men with erectile dysfunction did exercises that strengthen pelvic-floor muscles, about 40% of them regained normal function after 6 months

Bending over strengthens the core!
 dancing about is great exercise after being spanked
7. Keeping the TV On: Now that you know how to make things a little steamier in the bedroom, it's good to know what can easily put the kibosh on getting hot and heavy. Turn off the TV for starters. TV viewing is associated with an increased prevalence of erectile dysfunction. And really, when's the last time Conan put you in the mood? Hit the off button. Even better: Don't let a TV into the bedroom to begin with
set the mood in the bedroom
 lots of action and thrills without the tv

Too Many Toasts: Beer goggles happen. But while one drink may loosen you up, get you in the mood, and make the sort-of cute person next to you look a little bit like a rock star, too much alcohol diminishes sexual performance and response. In other words, neither giving nor receiving will be as good -- and, in some cases, you might not even be able to give. So nurse the conversation when you go out, not another glass of Beaujolais.
Talk about the great photo you took in front of BUCKINGHAM PALACE

9. Unhealthy Habits

Obesity, high blood sugar, and clogged arteries mess with your love life as well as with your ability to enjoy a long and healthy life. Clean up your act (and maybe get some action?) the easy way,
a serious study showed that 99.99% of men did NOT see the mouse on the donut... did you see it?

10. Taking Some Meds

Certain medications, such as antidepressants, antihistamines, chemotherapy, and drug treatments for high blood pressure, may contribute to erectile dysfunction in men, and reduce sexual desire and increase vaginal dryness in women. Don't just live with it, ask your doctor about possible solutions.
One solution might be to spank the nurses in the office

live long and be happy, and spank or be spanked often
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We are on the road again

We are off again, so I have left a few posts while away, but cannot reply to any comments you may leave on the blog.
I will be back at this blog in about three weeks.
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 over the knees you go

These three photos are form some tumblr, but originate at  http://clarespanksmen.com/


husband spanked: heart shaped studded leather paddle in action

I have finally found a gif of our heart shaped studded leather paddle in action

It was put to good use yesterday, in our house, and let me tell you that I was reacting far more than the gentleman above. Of course, this might just be the first two spanks, as his bottom does NOT appear to have any redness.

You can see, however, how nastily it wraps won the far cheek when spanked, and thus how effective it is when wrapping into the crack when spanking the cheek nearest to the spanker.

First, a little cornertime was scheduled, for me to ponder what was to occur, and set the correct tone.

The spanking was given simply because on had been given for a while, and as we are going away soon, best give some reminders of being always friendly and never let impatient grow.

This spanking started with the above paddle, and had me yipping and owwing almost immediately, and lasted for quite some time. I am having a little trouble with one shoulder, so we moved from chair to bed, so that I was prone over Cindy's knee, and the spanking recommenced with Cindy refreshed and eager.  My feet were dancing before she finally stopped, but it was then on to "old reliable".

This is a very heavy hard wood paddle, from the defunct dwc website, and I was  very vocal with each and every spank. Cindy went easier by not lifting her arm high, but she was able to give stronger wrist action spanks with follow through.

It was once again my love/hate moment. Everything I love about spanking was happening, but it is far nicer to dream about than actually be owwing for real, not for show. OWWing and moving ones feet are reactionary. I have no control over them whatsoever, and Cindy fortunately looks upon them as a show of approval on my part for her efforts.

When the spanking finally ended, I was permitted to look at my red bottom, and it was fiercely red everywhere, matching my red tee-shirt that I had been wearing. My bottom was this red, and with this much coverage of red, but just an older person than  this young man.
We then proceeded to kiss and cuddle, and made absolutely mind blowing love with mind blowing orgasms. Far superior orgasms to when we were younger and first married, where we did not know the triggers that truly work for each other, and now no longer have the timidity of being quiet as not knowing what words might turn our partner on even more, nor after a few years of marriage and being quiet so thew kids do not hear.

Life is wonderful, and the spanking lasted longer than it took to type this post, and |I am a slow typer.

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being held in place (adventurous Tuesdays)

Some rather interesting photos to wonder about:

Is she demonstrating her total control, by squeezing while spanking?

Is she possibly protecting the family jewels in the feet up position?
Is she making certain he knows not to try and move away from any spank?
Personally, I WOULD ENJOY the pleasure of being spanked while my face is buried in another  woman's pussy.
so, enjoy whatever little extra bit of dominance your partner employs
it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey getting there!
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"LE WEEKEND": is a movie to Avoid at all costs

We watched this movie the other night, and it was absolutely TERRIBLE.

It is astounding that on rotten tomatoes it got a 89% favorable reviews, billed as a romantic comedy.

It is even more amazing that the portrayal might be thought of as many if not most marriages after 30 years of marriage. Two people, totally lost, no love, no hope, just despair and loathing!
Ours has never been like this, and with spanking has grown to be fabulous beyond our wildest dreams. We have a couple of friends where this might be true, but they are to all intents that we can tell not involved in anything kinky. (Maybe they should be)
and the writers and directors of this should ALL be spanked...
The humor has been added for your entertainment!
This movie is the exact opposite of our romance, going strong after more than 40 years of marriage!
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The Stairs re-visited

Lovely photos are everywhere on the net. Here are a few
How about being sent upstairs with a nicely spanked bare bottom
Carrying the skirt, with the priest of possibly a cane clearly decorating a bare bottom
maybe a close-up photo of a reddened bottom (the other photo i had would not load)
Boots to be displayed that are the same color as the spanked bottom
tights and panties still rolled down to display the red bottom

but, the photo might be wonderful, with a bare bottomed woman carrying a cane, with the miscreant walking in the forefront to his caning
 or maybe
maybe this lady has been told to bare her bottom, then go upstairs to be spanked
whereas this lady was given permission to pull up her panties before going to her room, after being spanked
Is this young lady being taken upstairs for further spanking, or possibly to have her mouth washed out with soap for something she said while being spanked. The spanker seems to be in a hurry.

The thought of your bottom being on display certainly adds to the delectable dismay of being spanked.
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please spank me

Rituals in spanking are very common, and help to set the tone for the upcoming spanking!
One such ritual is for the person to be spanked having to fetch the implement that will be used on their bottom, and then hand it to the spanker.

The spankee is in effect saying: "PLEASE SPANK ME!"

Sometimes it is handed with a sad reluctance, afraid to look the spanker in the eye
 sometimes it is handed when you are in postion to be spanked, but with a sad plea for leniency
sometimes with a dumb founded look that  shows compliance, but uncertainty as to what behavior necessitated a spanking
 A look of acceptance, unhappily that the smaller implement visible on the side was not chosen, when you brought both paddles, as you had only been told to "go get the PADDLE"
and then nicely applied
presenting the paddle almost as a gift from a kneeling suppliant (almost like bowing before the King), might lessen your spanking
The act of having to prefer the switches that will be used on your bottom is daunting (better do a good job making them smooth)
and then used
sometimes you are to fetch the implement, then go to the bedroom, and await your spanking, with the implement on your lap, so you can see the object that will torment you
 or maybe you must await, bare bottom, in position, with the implement as a companion, as you longingly look for the spanker to enter, both worried that the spanking will commence, but also wanting the spanking to be over.
I really like this theme, and will post more photos in the future
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