Sex and spanking

The following comes from WEBMD.com
No more, “Not tonight, Dear.” It turns out that sex can help ease pain when you have certain kinds of headaches -- especially migraines. It’s also been shown to improve heart health, ease stress, and boost mental alertness.

As the opening to this post states, avy spanking I receive relieves STRESS, and combined with sex afterwards, you are doing a very heart healthy exercise, not to mention the exercise the spanker gets in spanking you, and the exercise the spankee gets by running an imaginary mile with the feet kicking and dancing everywhere. Wow, it also improves my listening abilities, because you pay close attention to every word of what you did wrong, and how to correct it. Mental alertness guaranteed while you are being spanked.

Many of my regular readers of this blog are in a spanking relationship with their partner, and many times either immediately after being spanked make passionate love with their partner, or within the next day or two.
For a significant spanking, most times you will see me helping place Cindy's spanking high heel shoes on for her, as this shows my submission, and raises her knees so that I do not fall off.
Then it is time to either be bared for my spanking
or bare my bottom myself and await the words
Sometimes, Cindy is so delighted with the idea of spanking me that she gives me the choice of which implement should she use  FIRST.....
Depending on the reason I am spanked, determines whether we make love afterwards. Almost every significant spanking
is followed by fantastic sex, as the spanking arouses both Cindy and myself, and the problem that caused the spanking has been solved.
However, on the spot corrections just solves a small annoyance, and with simply get on with our day.

So, if you have never been spanked, but have the desire to experiment with it, why not ask your partner for a spanking?
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how a gift gets you spanked

A simple post from yesteryear...
Your loving wife's response is foretold long ago!
She definitely was not pleased with your gift
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and have you seen the new version of StarWars, not rogue one, but rouge one!



Spanking thoughts for today

Spankings work for both men and women, and many of us appreciate being spanked for fun, or for discipline, or for both reasons..Hopefully, this is NOT your situation!

As Ronnie, Hermione, Jan, Cat, Bonnie, Cheryl, and so many many more have stated
However, women should and do know that it works for men to be spanked
and this is the absolute best way:
and corner time allows the man or woman  to reflect on his behavior, and learn to behave better
and this states the reality of our fascination with spanking

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the wooden hair brush

The wooden hair brush is probably the first implement you were ever spanked with by your partner. Your first spanking might have been by your partner's hand, but this was probably the first implement.
1. They are always so conveniently found in any part of a house for that on the spot correction
2. No words are needed when you see your wife sitting solemnly on the spanking chair with the brush on her lap
 3. Your wife will sit patiently waiting while you bare your bottom, because any delay that you try
will just give her more motivation while she spanks you

and the wallops will come from a greater height
3.Your wife will become happy while she spanks you, as she works out her frustrations and aggravations that you have caused
4. Her methodical method of delivering your punishment will be the foundation of a happy union, which you can be assured will continue for your entire life

5. While the hair brush remains in plain sight, no one knows you are spanked with this brush, unless they are told. However, if she has told her friend, she will probably be showing her how it is done sooner or later.
6. And then, she might even give her friend a hair brush for hristmas, and let her practice using it on your bottom.
 7. Finally, no need to worry about your buddy knwoing you are spanked, his future is preordained
and your wife will enjoy learning
but remember never challenge the spanker
And, just be really careful if she purchases a solid ebony hairbrush
and never EVER comment:
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Home Again

No real time to make a summary of our vacation, but will update sometime in the following week...
For your reading enjoyment, I have always enjoyed this picture, which originally was posted so many years ago on the disciplinary wives club site.
We followed this idea, and the toilet seat is never left up in our household
 and your bottom will be as red as the dress i will be wearing
A safe word is needed for beginners, but as the spanker learns how to effectively spank, and also understands that no permanent damage is ever inflicted, then this is appropriate  
Neither of us knows or remembers whatever safe word we once had.

a satisfied woman should feel the heat is his bottom after spanking him, and his erection will be long since disappeared
and your thought for today:

and your smile for today
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If you are in a spanking relationship: 

IT might be fun to start making a list of spanking couples, with the statement of who is spanked, and who does the spanking  If you have a blog or tumblr or wordpress..or other, please include the complete address
I will start to compile a list, then pass the list on to other bloggers to ask their readers.

Relationships work best if you follow this motto, in my humble opinion.

However, sometimes one person needs to be spanked, for the benefit of the relationship

so do make certain you  deal with problems quickly and effectively
whichever person needs to be spanked
However, from my reading experience of bloggers, it is a one way street in a relationship, with one person the spanker, and the other the spankee


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