The Prelude to two friends wrote

The emails that I have posted below are real, from two friends I have become acquainted with through my blog.
This is the 4th time we used C.S. to play our spanking game.....whatever the 1st picture portrays we do it.....this is the 4th time my husband has been over my knees for a spanking and he is convinced you and I are planning this Red......It is an awesome game and we thank you for heating up our marriage of over 40 years.

My Reply: Hi Joyce:

My blog is more about men being spanked, (and me being spanked in particular).
My photos will show stern women, or playful women, about to spank a man, or actually spanking a man.
If you want to be the person being spanked, then you have to give me a heads up, and I will post on the day you state showing a woman being spanked, and if you tell me what position (and or implement) you want to be spanked with, and what clothing or lack of clothing you desire, then you must let me know, and I will try my best to accommodate you.. When you think about it, what are friends for if not to help you be spanked.

so, it is about time you were spanked.
let me know at least one day in advance of when you next propose to check CS.
bare bottoms up
 Joyce's reply:
a second reply from Joyce:
Wednesday is the day husband is working on his taxes Monday and Tuesday and told me its is C S at 9am and dinner at 6PM "lets do what is there no matter what I know I will be probably sore again but I will need some fun after taxes"  I reinforced his wish and cannot wait.  Joyce
Hi Joyce:
are we being naughty fixing the deck of cards on your behalf?
Might I take liberties with your request?
What liberties might a take?
Have you ever experienced the cane?
here is a link to a friend who enjoys being caned (mostly)
Heart and Soul: Caned for Nagging

Joyce's reply:
I seek this so badly I am so excited now writing to you can I share what I seek ??

Joyce's reply:
I WANT TO BE TAKEN FROM A HOT BATH AND TOWELED OFF GENTLY....then marched into my bedroom and very gently laid across the bed on my tummy with a pillow under my tummy......then
Well, the fun part of spankings is not knowing what will happen, except that you are going to have a very sore bottom.

so, whoever might like to play this game,let me know...
Joyce tried to post this, but had trouble,s o hope no one else is having trouble posting. 
"Love C S and we have developed a ritual where my husband and I pick a day and we open C S and follow what is on the 1st picture......he agreed to this but is upset as he received 4 spankings in a row but we are holding to it and it has put a lot of spark into what was getting to be a dull bedtime. Yes we are seniors and your advice Red had done a lot of our relationship.....we have our date sent for this week so I am prepared to give him a good spanking soon. Love Ya Joyce"

bottoms up


a married couple (two friends) wrote about spankings

I had previously alluded to this couple, and recently they had a really fun spanking time and more.
This is a two part story,: first was emailed to me by the husband:

"I do not know when we had so much excitement here in Florida.  We decided to do our "follow Consensual Spankings" yesterday, Wednesday.  Now I have to admit I have gotten 4 spankings from Joyce and all were hard spankings in the last 5 weeks that we have been doing this.  I did read your prelude and do realize it is a FM spanking site which I never really considered before.
BTW our program is to pick a day and open your blog and follow the 1st pictures shown.  Joyce had not done corner time before naked.  (I edited out about Joyce being spanked as a young person) Your blog has help so much.

Well yesterday was beautiful from corner to naked spankings to paddle to strap but all in a very tender way and all ending is great excitement for us old timers..........love you brother."
and the second part written by his wife Joyce; (in two parts)

email one: o my gosh    am i going to be sore sore sore
email two:from Joyce
1-  I was up at 6am made coffee but went back to bed......woke up to   O Joyce WAIT TO YOU SEE THIS.......    I had totally forgotten about the Wednesday post you promised in fact with last Monday being so busy forgot it was even Wednesday.   So there he was with his lap top spinning out around to show me the naked gal in the corner.......robe off and PJ's off there I went not even a cup of coffee into the corner I went still sleepy but agreeable.

2- in about 15 minutes he took something from the closet and reminded me of the agreement.....I had not seen the rest of the pictures but was lead, to the couch , he shut the shades, sat on the couch and took me over his lap...... he did something that makes me shiver with delight he ran his fingernails from the bottom of my feet to my vagina and back down I was totally turned on, as scared as I was I loved it and without a pause I got a hand spanking on the plumpest part of my fanny long and well honestly not too hard although he was hard hard hard for an old goat......
he counted I did not he gave me 200 spank and sent me back to the corner telling me the worse is to come and he was going to Walgreens for a bath brush and WalMart for the 5 gallon paint mixer as we had one of those and I threw it out......he went golfing but told be he was doing 9 and not 18 and would be back by too.....................

3- his parting smack on the bare cheeks was  "love your idea and love that blogger"........
( I just helped myself to a orgasm)
I thought you might enjoy reading this, and I added some photosjust for the fun of it.
However, the old goat, and the helping myself to an orgasm seems like dear Joyce is in for at least one if not two more spankings. 
I wonder if that was her plan?
bottoms up


Man Spanked by Wife (again)

We had a wonderful afternoon yesterday. Oh, the joys of being retired.
Cindy showered, and put on a  fabulous teddy from Frederick's of Hollywood (we purchased it locally a few years ago.)

Cindy decided that I should pick two implements, and I choose 'old reliable' that used to be sold at the DWC, and the Bettie Paige paddle.

Cindy sat on the spanking chair, and had me also retrieve for her the black leather high heel shoes that she often uses when spanking me. These shoes raise her knees, so that I am comfortably  (at least to begin with), while over her knees.

The first few spanks were with the Bettie Paige  leather paddle, and after three or four, Cindy had me raise up to lower my underwear.

Cindy then applied many vigorous spanks alternating cheeks, and then only to one cheek for awhile before then moving to the other cheek. I must admit that these spanks did not really elicit any feet dancing, nor any owwws.

Cindy then changed to the wooden paddle, and it had my feet dancing really quickly, with suitable sounds  of owws and ooohhhhs as she spanked away. these spanks seemed much more intense, but obviously  Bettie Paige paddle had paved the way to feeling every spank.

A pause, as Cindy slowly gently rubbed my bottom, asking if my arms were okay supporting me. the caressing was great.

Now a flurry with the wooden paddle, had me wriggling and dancing, as that paddle is very thick, and seems to grow in thickness as the spanking progresses. A pause, while Cindy reminded me that the best thing she learned form Danielle was to pause when she gets tired, and then begin again refreshed to continue the spanking.

Cindy then reached for the leather paddle, and administered a long flurry of spanks to my bottom, which this time I was really feeling. 

When the spanking finally ended, I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and then she said I could reward her in a better oral method.

The love making was absolutely fantastic, with my bottom on fire throughout.

Was the Bettie  Paige paddle a good purchase: YES

It permitted Cindy to give me a longer, much deeper spanking. The next day my bottom still was rosy, not only in the morning, but in the evening. Now, two days later, it is still sore, and the fond memories are reinforced, and I can still see a little pinkish shade.

We DO NOT CAUSE BRUISES IN ANY SPANKINGS, NOR ANY BLOOD. They are not necessary for a true spanking to be effective.

bottoms up


Adventurous Tuesdays spanksters thoughts of ladies being spanked

Today's offering is a potpourri that you might enjoy
It would definitely be worth watching, and a birthday party to attend
maybe dreaming this....  before a first date
and then going out for a beer and finding out she loves being spanked
and maybe the spanking will be after the beer


and for the truly adventurous woman

of course, if you make a mistake while trying to be helpful
your date might spank you
keep smiling
and your thought for today
"You cannot taste me, until you undress me?"

-Says the Banana.

bottoms up


spankster thoughts for the day about football

Yesterday, we saw a happy Brady fan, so this young lady got her bottom well spanked for being a Baltimore fan.
a good thing to remember
First, there was the belt
then the application
and then the dance

bottoms up


some reasons for smiling today

Blogger changing it's policy back to adult rated simply makes sense.
One's person porn is another person's cup of tea.
Hermione stated it nicely that her husband thinks her blog, simply about spanking, with no nudity whatsoever, is porn. 
but, now really
and meanwhile in Canada the weather is turning balmy, almost up to minus 10
hopefully you are smiling by now
 A question: would this have counted as an artistic nude photo for blogger?
and on a last note: I Loved this year's Superbowl outcome, as did this BRADY FAN
and now that blogger has changed their rules 
I can post a much better photo of a Brady fan...
when you think about it.....
Okay, maybe I deserve to be spanked, and Cindy is thinking that left cheek is not yet shining enough
yes dear,  that paddle will certainly do the job

bottoms up


spanking and aftercare sex

This first photo says it all
first the bare bottom and the spanking
then you move to the bed to first continue the spanking

and then to admire your beautiful partner
best without any clothes

and then the delicious aftercare

and then sumptuous

at least, this is how we see spanking (for most but not all spankings)
bottoms up