legs up (ouch)

A few photos of a really nasty position to be spanked in...
the legs being held up gives so much tightened bottom skin to spank
The crop can find so many places to land
a new way for over the knee, and the man being held is not going anywhere
she found he tried to escape before the spanking was done, so she remedied the situation
The belt looks very effective
but this couple have developed a platful method of spanking and pleasure
bottoms up


ladies day


that might mean that consensually she wants a man to spank her often

remember when she is ready and waiting for her spanking
whether indoors or outdoors
do not disappoint her..
make certain she feels the spanking
just like this fine woman
it might mean that she will consensually be the dominant in the relationship
therefore, when you are spanking him
... be effective
and do enjoy yourself while spanking
 and don't let him get away with anything

bottoms up


a listening problem

When the lady is eager to be spanked, she does NOT listen to the entire statement
and chooses : the closest chair

just grasping her shins
touching the floor
another chair was handy
a coat rack and seat
a sofa
grasping her toes and looking at you
or simply bending over the kitchen counter
occasionally, she might get it right

but we love the view however she chooses
bottoms up


a fun proposition

your smile for today... be adventurous
She is willing, but nervous
still wondering if this is a good idea
but after the spanking begins
the reality sets in
bottoms up


half a spanking

There are some really great spanking websites, but i take pictures only from tumblrs and other bloggers. I was a member of a spanking website about ten years ago, but let that lapse. Hopefully, by never removing any website information from the picture, the company producing these photos will look kindly upon it being advertising
Maybe these ladies were equally half responsible for the problem that arose, and thus each were spanked their share of the punishment!
but now are they having to wait for the other half!
enjoy the thoughts   here is a link  www.realspankingsinstitute.com
bottoms up


ladies waiting to spank you

Fun photos to whet your imagination...
Do you think any explanation will get you out of being spanked/
She is smiling at the look of consternation on your face
Do not delay any longer.. she is getting angrier 
 Holding one wooden paddle, and two more beside her.. really start to worry
The magic finger points the way
She appears to be saying that if you delay one moment longer.. this will be so much stronger of a spanking
position one implement one
 position two, implement two, and you can no longer even keep your feet on the floor
bottoms up


thoughts for today


Avoid distractions (if you can  realize they are distractions)
and always remember

and then calmly and effectively spank your partner when needed
always on the bare bottom
until it is bright red
and then maybe some areas should turn greyish.
enjoy life
bottoms up