a forest spanking

When on vacation, you take the opportunities to play more often than you do at home. No meals to cook, groceries to purchase, and none of the other myriad of things one does at home.

Vacation means less responsibility, and more time to relax and does things together.

While away, we went for a hike in the Van Damme State park, which has wonderful trees, a fern canyon following a creek, a pygmy forest, and hiking trails.  We did a loop of approximately four miles, with a lot of walking downhill, and then a shorter steeper route uphill back to the pygmy forest. Lots of redwoods, seclusion, and no one around  while we hiked.

I decided to break off a medium thin branch, and while walking proceeded to try to get the knots lessened where branches had been.

ADVICE WANTED: Do you carry a little penknife, or something to cut a switch when walking in a forest? What do you do when retrieving a switch to be used for a spanking? The branch I had had sharp protrusions, and we are only involved in no blood spankings.

It took a very long time for me to whittle away at the sharp parts with my nails as we walked.

After over an hour of walking, seemingly in the dense part of fern canyon, we took another break, and I suggested to Cindy that she could use this switch to give me a spanking. Cindy wondered if it was private enough, but I assured her it was, and that we had not met anyone while hiking.

Bare bottomed, bending over at the waist, Cindy did an admiral job with many strokes, so that my bottom did not have lines from each switch spank, but was red. This attests to so many spanks that the redness simply joined, as  opposed to when you have six lines from six well spaced cane strokes.

I certainly owwwed and yelped at times when some strokes were extra meaningful. I asked Cindy to take a picture or two, and she readily agreed. After the photos, i was told to get dressed, and I thanked her for the spanking.
(we needed to use the flash, so it lightened everything, including the redness on my bottom)

About twenty seconds later, as we started to walk, we met a young twenty-some woman walking towards us, who simply passed us going the opposite way, as we nodded to each other.

HAD SHE HEARD?   HAD SHE SEEN?????  Was she simply being DISCREET? No idea, we were either very fortuitous, or she was very discreet.

We walked along for another minute, to find that we had made it to the turnaround point, where one trail meets the second trail, but moreover, it meets a third main trail from the main entrance to the park. There were trucks parked there, and workmen were somewhere in the forest, possibly near-by. OOPS!!!

We immediately met a more elderly couple walking up this third trail to us....
Alesson to be learned, judge how long the hike will take, and make certain to spank halfway or so before you meet any other trails. When we thought we were in the depths of the forest, we were almost out at the main trail...

Love making that night was specially delicious, with a warm well spanked bottom to sit on during a delicious dinner with wine, prior to making love.
spankings outdoors are fabulous. Try it some time

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thought for the day

Sometimes we wish we could read people's mind
who knows how it might end up
 but it would be fun to find out
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smiles for today

We should always have a few smiles everyday, so here is my attempt to have you smiling today.
 thought for everyday

As it is baseball time, a  favorite yogism (from Yogi Berra)
When you come to the fork in the road, take it...

remember, that we are on earth to enjoy life

 don't let anyone rain on your parade

A sign on the highway (This would be a inn I would just half to stop at:)
This is an actual place  : 1038 Cup Tree Road,  Gravois Mills, Mo   65037

Philosophy on a spanking blog, that should make you really have a giggle:
and remember to
and forgive yourself from past sins and regrets

That is why we have spankings to remove guilt, solve problems, to help make and keep a loving relationship
and simply because we love them (before, after, but usually not during)
enjoy your spankings, given with love
and rather effectively with a woman bath brush
and the inevitable: yes dear, I forgive you
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Strenge Damen und schone Lehrerinnem = Strict ladies and beautiful teachers

This is an interesting site to peruse the archive

One site I can recommend seems to cover so many bases, if you permit the baseball analogy.
However, it might cover some items you will not like.

Strenge Damen und schone Lehrerinnem  (Strict women and beautiful teachers)

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spanked outdoors

While we were visiting family, we took a mini vacation tour favorite area in California, Mendocino. Traveling from one coast to the other,it is best to have an extended stay, but not be with family for the entire time.

Traveling with us was the short tawse, as it fits easily in luggage, and does not set off alarms in airports. I think it is now our go to implement for Cindy to spank me with.

If you are driving to Mendocino from the south, you probably end up taking the 101 north of San Francisco, and then the 128.

While on the 128, Cindy mentioned that we would be coming to our spanking spot soon. OOPS! I have spanked Cindy there once, and she has spanked me there a few times.  Cindy expressed the opinion that we should start off our alone time together with a spanking to help set a excellent mood. Happy, and worry, instantly struck me, as did an erection. I had been thinking of mentioning it, but we had already done some Sonoma wine tasting(delicious), and was uncertain what Cindy was thinking.

We wholeheartedly recommend this route as the 128 takes you through a ten or so mile of fabulous redwoods. If coming from the south, right after the first area like this, you have a nice spot to stop, and a little drop off to a river, where you are below anyone seeing you from the road. There is a call box at this rest stop, so it is easy to find. (it is the only call box on this route)
Note that these redwoods here are small,but you are about to drive through some gorgeous large redwoods. The next photo shows how private you can be just off the road (MOST OF THE TIME)
We made good use of this spot, with me bending at the waist, bare bottomed, and Cindy using the short tawse to maximum effect.  I was bouncing around a bit quite quickly, and Cindy was using full arm swings and body motion, to maximum effect.

After many spanks, Cindy had me stand up straight, so that she could spank areas that were not quite as available when I was bent over. With leather, Cindy can go much higher on my bottom, an area that is rarely spanked.
As you can see from the above photo, Cindy is right handed, and spanks from the left side. She has also learned to use the tawse solely on the closest cheek to her, which has the twin ends biting in the crack of my bottom. Thus, that area is rarely spanked OTK, so is really virgin when in the great outdoors. Cindy spanked the top of my legs, below my bottom, but this area is not visible in the photo.

One slight note is that we did hear some people in the distance, but then the voices stopped,so possibly they decided to walk the other way, or simply stood silently and enjoyed hearing me be slightly scolded and strongly spanked.
Hopefully, my directions will allow you to plan to stop there if you ever travel this route. The deliciousness of being outdoors, highly unlikely of being discovered (but possible anytime you are outdoors)

The drive to Mendocino was great, with a sore hot bottom and some teasing from Cindy. You know you want me to spank you, so I doubt I will hear any complaints, but if you have any, we can deal with them at the hotel (AKA: another spanking)

No complaints, but absolutely fantastic mind blowing sex that evening. We both agree that it is far better than anything we did when we were twenty-some of age, having the experience of how to deliver the most deliciousness to our partner, factored in with no family responsibilities of diapers, work cut the grass, etc... plus the aphrodisiac of spanking and being spanked.

If you have never tried spanking outdoors, you must try it sometime......

Apologies for the dic pic! This was the only photo taken, and I had forgotten to hold it our of sight. (I should mention that it had obviously shrunk when Cindy spanked me, and needs encouragement from Cindy to return to its full glory, which was NOT going to happen this close to the road.

Here is another DIRTY DICK PIC for your amusement.
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meanderings of a spankee

This has many interesting posts, so i thought I would direct you to it. The author is a woman, age just out of her thirties, and another randy Canadian. It has both women being spanked, and men being spanked... and many other delightful posts.
 This could be true of many of us!!!
with the following result of a well spanked bottom

it is best to admit when you are wrong, which is often
Man or woman, this works
 but my defense was first stated by Calvin
This teext would get me leaving whatever I was doing immediately to get home!!!
ever wonder what they say when shaking hands

This is her intro to the tumblr

"I feel as if I'm made to understand but not be understood.....well at least one person 'gets' me.
Rants, Raves, Questions, Confessions, Life, Love, Loss, Likes, Dislikes, Hopes, Dreams, Desires
.....and Spankings
One day...Hopefully.. I'll share it all with my
"Percussionniste de Fesses" aka "Mallets
Or perhaps the universe will bestow sweet mercy upon me and he'll run across it one day, figure it all out and spare me all kinds of embarrassment from a future disclosure.
But I probably have a better chance of being struck by lightning and swallowed by a sinkhole simultaneously.
So for now it's my "personal" sounding board...
The events depicted in this blog are the meanderings of a mad woman with admittedly too much free time
Any similarity to any person living or dead - is merely coincidental (Sort of)
Interrogating is futile. I deny everything.
All that said...
For Mallets:
Just in case you ever wonder"

go visit
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captioned goddess tumblr

I have always liked spanking thoughts, so thoughts purportedly to being stated or thought by a dominant, aloof woman are enchanting, or should I say arousing.

This tumblr has been around for only four moths, but have many wonderful posts that you might enjoy.
Having your wife whisper in your ear that she will cane you when you get home... erotic but scary
These words so FIT THIS PICTURE!
(A safe word! You mean you want to be the person who decides when it stops? I don't think so)
This woman looks so happy at the thought that you are about to confess some mistake, and she will birch you for it...
No information exists about the poster,so it could be a woman or a man...
As usual, not everything is exactly as one might desire, as many people have stated about my blog, but the majority are excellent!
If you like the idea of being caned, then the words at this site will entrance you
but if you want pictures
then best to visit http://fmcane.tumblr.com
but it does have some intriguing pictures also
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Home Again

We are home again, and I have a lot to catch up with on this blog. I have posted all the comments that people have left, and am in the process of replying to every comment.

There were a few spankings while we were away, and I will post about them in the future.

Some topics presented had lots of comments, specially telephones and other people knowing about you be spanked. I would love to communicate privately with some of my long time commenters, and share some more information, with possibly having the chance to meet sometime in the future. Do end me a private email, and maybe we might chat.
The following is so very true, and I have done this often
so,until I can start posting regularly
May you be spanked soon,
and have a wonderful life!
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