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One wonders how many couples should play truth or dare.....
The idea that a partner is afraid to tell their spouse of their innermost desires and fantasies is an unfortunate situation.
I have had spanking fantasies for most of my life, but it was only about fifteen years ago that I dared broaching the subject with Cindy, whose mind is far less warped than mine...Because of the Internet, I was able to see like minded individuals existed, and the Disciplinary wives club website gave me the information and courage to speak to Cindy about it.  http://auntkaysdwc.com/

I had read the entire website, purchased some of her very informative books... etc...

Back to the topic....

This blog revolves around the male(myself)  being spanked consensually, but Cindy is also spanked sometimes.
Whatever your desires may be, TRY to discuss them with your partner. If your partner willing agrees to try something different, you will be probably be ecstatic with what follows.. and if she is enthusiastic, you may be spanked more than your dreams would desire.
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Spanked with a tawse

Our relationship is wonderful, and Cindy is making certain that it remains wonderful. At times, I become too dominate, and need to be taken down a peg so to speak. Cindy expressed yesterday that I was making her feel guilty about going to some of her activities. I did not feel that I was doing this, as we had been scheduling what we were going to do daily in unison. Apparently, I was wrong.

We moved to the bedroom, and I retrieved the long tawse. I stripped off all of my clothes, that somewhat surprised Cindy. Having recently posted about being naked while being spanked, i thought I should experiment a little.

To make the long tawse more effective, I used the chair.... in this position
so that Cindy could be standing and have the ability to swing the tawse at arms length.
The tawse was somewhat effective, and many spanks were delivered. There was no real foot dancing though, as Cindy does not  somehow snap the spanks, and does not succeed to deliver strong spanks when I am in this position. It is more of a swaying motion , than a forceful swing.

As you can see, when Cindy concentrated on the nearest cheek, the ends of the tawse certainly dove into the crack between the cheeks
when Cindy decided it was enough, she stopped and I thanked her immediately for spanking me.

We then kissed, cuddled, and had absolutely marvelous love making, and we both had an amazing orgasm.

Problem solved in the most delightful way possible.
I am certain this tawse is effective, just not the way Cindy uses.
The short tawse she uses has me singing it's praises for it's effectiveness, as my feet also dance along to the music of owwws emanating from my mouth.
your smiles for today:

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A working (now) video promo for a spanking from Audrey Knight

The video now works... my apologies, I inserted as a picture instead of as a video. Stefan sent me the actual spanking (or at least the first part), and this is the promo for the event of Audrey spanking Abigail.
I hope this upload comes through, but can only test it by posting this, which will be done automatically at 8:00 tomorrow morning.

You can see more at
Some are great to look at, but some are unacceptably too severe for my cup of tea.
Some people would like to be spanked to tears, but tears have a better chance of occurring if an emotional context to the spanking is given, where the person then feels remorseful, in my humble opinion.

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Audrey Knight re-visited

As some of my readers may have found out, the spanking site run by Audrey and Stefan has disappeared, being replaced by some other fluff nonsense. Here is the new site, so wander over and see some real spankings:

I received the following email from Stefan, Audrey's husband.

Hi Red!

I know.  We went offline for a day and someone grabbed the name.  The same thing happened to the first tumblr…..the same people grabbed it for doc tail butt plugs…lol

What are you going to do?  There will always be people who try to take what they haven’t earned.  I suppose that’s even good in a way….otherwise, who would we feel good about spankin?  :-)

Is the address we had to move to.  Would be most grateful if you could update that.

Switching gears….

I am putting the touches on a real punishment spanking that Audrey gave to Abi.   So it its quite long.  I was thinking you might  want it divided into episodes of 10-12 minutes.  It starts with an OTH airbrushing, then to a full on OTK, then to a stand up strapping, then to a butthole spanking, and conclude with a vicious paddling.  There is also some corner time.

We are proud of it as it is both authentic but also very mindful of the fact that it is a film, and exploits the potential for intimacy that film can provide quite well.. It also is scored with entirely original music and, well, yep!  I’m psyched.  This will be the first of a series of 4 vids in a line titled “Audrey and Abigail on Their Own Terms”  I think the intimacy and severity will take people aback in a very good way.
Here’s a little trailer of part one.   You can get an impression of what we’re up to by it.  I aimed to really punch the moments that matter to spankos, and this scolding was executed so well one feels like Abi has been spanked before a single swat lands,

Let me know your thoughts and I hope you are well,

A word of warning.... some of the spankings shown are TOO INTENSE FOR MY LIKING! WE do NOT have bruising, nor any skin possibly being broken. Thus, depending on your likes and dislikes, venture over and enjoy most of what you will see, and be very happy that you are not being spanked to this intensity, unless you wanted that level of a spanking.

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thoughts for the day...

Many, many men would like this....
i know I do
Here might be some reasons you would be spanked....
Making what we thought was a reasonable request

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Why TUMBLR porn is GREAT for women

I came across this article, that comes from
that I think is excellent.... This first quote is so affirmative

"I don't want to overstate what it means for women to go through that journey of feeling like they're sexual agents, not just sexual objects.

The wonderful part of Cindy and my spanking journey is that we are both active participants, and no one is a sexual object. Spanking leads many times to wonderful beyond our wildest imagined sexual satisfaction, and Cindy quite often slyly complains that her throat is sore from her verbal ecstatic outburst when orgasming. We both smile when she says this. We do not try to have simultaneous orgasms, although it is wonderful if it happens.  We do make certain that we both orgasm. Our sex life is amazing, and far more satisfying than it ever was for the first 30 years of our marriage. Spanking has liberated us from the constraints of a puritanical outlook on sex and life.

I cannot possibly overstate, how the internet, with spanking sites and spanking blogs, has loosened us up to being so more adventurous.
This article has too many interesting explanations and reasoning to be summarized by me, so I suggest you read it. Porn is not only for men, but also for women

One more quote from the article:

"You can find a collection of porn that really speaks to your sexuality and your sense of sexual self," said Chase, who founded Lady Cheeky seven years ago after she started looking at porn on Tumblr in the wake of leaving a sexless marriage.  ladycheeky.tumblr.com  Cosmopolitan magazine labels this the #1 site FOR WOMEN!

I am going to send a link of this article to Cindy!

A) Have you ever looked at TUMBLR sites?

B) Does your partner  ever look at TUMBLR sites?

C) Do you have a tumblr ID/

D) Please leave a comment with a link to your tumblr site if you have one.

Whether you are male or female
happy spankings
Thought for EVERYDAY
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jokes to get you spanked

I( always enjoy a good laugh, or at least a smile. If you have a hilarious joke, do send it to me privately for me to post...
These are slightly funny, but would get you spanked:
The wife's back on the warpath again. She was up for making a sex movie last night, and all I did was suggest we should hold auditions for her part.
I've just installed strobe lights in the bedroom. It makes the wife look like she's moving during sex.
You will be moving on her lap, but no escape!
and,as the saying goes
Now, to avoid a argument, follow this man tip:

Man tip 
No woman has ever started an argument with a man who was vacuuming, dusting or washing dishes.
However, this is not an absolute and definite truth
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naked when you are spanked

In the game of being dominant and being submissive, being informed to take off  ALL YOUR  CLOTHES helps get you into submissive mode immediately.
In addition, being made to do cornertime before being spanked, standing their naked, must ramp up your submissiveness
Then being taken in hand and lead to where you will be positioned to be spanked! Yikes
This spanking is meant to be punishment, not play.

This spanking will be given, without your partner removing any clothing, or doing anything to make it anything but a significant spanking.
One does feel much more vulnerable whenever this type of spanking is being given

but the thought of your being naked soon leaves your mind as your thoughts focus on the spanking you are receiving
In fantasy spanking situations, this scene is sometimes played out with witnesses
but fun to imagine.
afterwards, you may be required to stay unclothed for sometime
or stand in the corner
So, a Question to you all:

Sometimes, are you made to strip completely naked before you are spanked?

Secondly, how do you feel when told this as opposed to simply be bare bottomed/

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a slow learner (RED) gets spanked

Cindy is on a role, and my bottom is staying quite rosy.

As Jan has stated on https://dancinroses.blogspot.com,  we are fully enjoying retirement, and if it is possible, more in love than before, when we thought that we were totally in love since day one..

Less stress, no kids around to inhibit our love life, or my being spanked when Cindy feels it is necessary. Any little or major thing that I do that annoys her, can be readily solved with an immediate spanking.
photos from http://woodenspoonguy.tumblr.com/

Stress still exists, specially if you are a little tired, and feel a bit overwhelmed with too many projects on the go, and none finished. Yesterday, I snapped back a little, and was sent to the kitchen to obtain a wooden spanking implement and bring it to Cindy. I retrieved the wooden soup spoon, and was immediately bent over the back of the sofa, bare bottomed, and receiving a quick effective spanking. my bottom was very red, and I thanked Cindy for spanking me.

Problem solved, we had a wonderful remainder of the day, and life is great. We now have started an ongoing list of jobs needing doing, the sequence we would like to do them in, and accomplishing much more because we are now organized. It is easy to just do things without a plan, and keep suggesting new things needing doing, until overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Thought for today
smile for the day:
and some advice

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Marco's spanking

As a forward, I will ask Marco to reply to all the comments that this post engenders, which he can do by simply hitting the reply under each comment. 
In addition, it might be a wonderful feature if other readers might like to send  me privately something about a memorable spanking they received, and I can post it for all readers. It makes keeping this blog alive and interesting easier for me.
Hello Red,

As I stated yesterday, I would report back after today's Freaky Friday.
It was just awesome, really.
I woke up after a my wife Lindsay brought our little daughter to school. As we kissed, she immediately noticed my erect condition.
'You really need it, hey', she asked. I could only confirm.
After I took my breakfast, Lindsay went into the shower and I brushed my teeth.
She went up the attic (a nice one, we have) and came down, all dressed up in the step-in with jarretels and black pumps. I was waiting in the bedroom and I heard the clicking of her shoes.....my erection went up +1.
Lindsay knew about my blue balls condition and drove me mad with teasing and squeezing my scrotum. It was a painful delight.

After several minutes she asked me if I was ready for a spanking. I quickly said yes and recieved a firm package.
Lindsay is getting the hang of it.
Between the spankings, she sometimes stops and teases me some more, making me want just more of the spankings.
First, I stood bowed before our bed and Lindsay made good use of our plastic hair-brush. She changed over the horse-whip and ended with the cane.
The cane is the one that gets the best of me. I tried to count to 20, but Lindsay, not afraid of hurting me anymore it seems, rained the cane down my ass and I had to say 'stop' at number 12.
The sting is lovely.......

BTW: my wife looks a bit like Mrs. Strictland in the pic below. Her hair is a bit shorter, but the body type is similar.
After the beating I went on my knees and licked Lindsay for about 15 minutes. She had a powerful orgasm.

We restarted the spanking session. I was laying over her legs, trapped between them and she polished my ass with the hair-brush again.
Lindsay said that the color was nicely reddish and stated it was time for my orgasm.
I asked to be tied down to our bed and have a teasing handjob. Lindsay took a towel and put it over my upper body. I found myself strapped eagle on our bed, completly helpless as Lindsay started the tease.
With lubricant she went up and down my erection and after a few minutes.....the best orgasm ever. No shit.
The prolonged waiting and teasing, the sexy clothes of my wife, the spankings, the handjob....it all came together and I had a huge, powerful ejaculation.
The first pushes went over the towel and I covered myself in semen. Lindsay just started to laugh a bit as I kept on shooting for about 6 seconds. It was just great.
Afterwards, I felt a little pumping pain in my balls, the aftermath of the blue balls experience.....it's still there as I am writing.

I guess my wife Lindsay now knows how much these spankings and teasing add to my sensations.
But to wait 2 weeks for another orgasm.....no way.
Yours sincerely,
Marco: thank you for sharing this experience  Spankings can be for pleasure, or for discipline, or both, and both types can lead to wonderful feelings of closeness and love and sometimes sexual feelings. They can just be a played out fantasy, which thrills both parties.

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fourth spanking in under two weeks

Life should be relaxed and leisurely, but somehow we many times opt to do too many things at he same time. Simply amazing, that being retired, we seem to have else time with everything being done, than when we both were working with children at home.

We have had some painting done for us, so the house is in an upheaval, and I have been working in the garden planting bushes, officiating, and playing slow pitch baseball. Cindy has also a number of activities.

One of our children is having a difficult time at work, and that stresses us out to see our child very stressed. Yesterday morning, while discussing over breakfast, I imagine I adopted my dominate aggressive tone of  what should be done. I imagine I may have been lecturing, which is a fault of mine, and it was only Cindy and I.

About an hour later, while I was dabbling on the Internet, Cindy stormed into the room, holding a wooden implement from the kitchen, and pointed and forcefully stated "Bend Over the Sofa".

Bare bottomed immediately, and bent over, Cindy immediately started spanking away with vehemence while lecturing me: "how dare I be so dominate and aggressive in stating my opinions to her." The spanks rained down, but this was quite a light implement, so were not as effective as our usual implements, My bottom became red, but with no owwing or feet dancing. 

I apologized while he spanking was occurring, and Cindy stopped when her fury had been released. I then thanked her for the spanking, and apologized again for my behavior.

Only in writing, do I realize that we need to chat a little about implements, and possibly leave the tawse easily available for her to use in such a situation.
Next time, this will probably be me stating OMG, she brought the TAWSE.
Definitively, this would then be a deterrent spanking that would cause me to pause whenever I feel the need to express an opinion strongly.

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a friend's letter about a planned spanking

A friend I have started communicating with (Marco), sent me this all prepared post with photos.  He has also sent me another letter as the follow-up to this letter as to what actually transpired. Other readers are welcome to send me these privately for posting.

Hello Red,

(here's a letter for you. You can share on your blog, if you like).

Nice to see that you had a nice holiday with your wife Cindy.
I did read that you had your share of spankings already. Good for you.

As fate has it, my wife Lindsay (it's fictional, so you can use it) and I went on a holiday also last week with the in-laws.
My little daughter did also sleep in our room during the holidays, so that it was impossible so have any 'naughty stuff' with my loved one.
And this week so far, our work schedule didn't help either.
So, yesterday I talked to Lindsay and asked if could have sex this Friday, as we would be all alone in the house.
And I also asked her if she would be a 'very strict lady' and give me some spankings, because I am also inclined to it and a bit of domination as well.
This is something we are exploring since about 4 months and I am beginning the get the feeling that Lindsey is enjoying it more and more.
She kindly responded to do this for me and had this 'look' upon her face.
 Lindsey teased me up some more as today, as I told her  that my last orgasm is was 2 weeks ago, when we had sex, before the holidays.
For example, now she 'just happened' to bend over a bit more as she asked me something and give me a glance at her artillery. Lindsay is a plus-size women with a full D-cup. Because I am taller in height, I've got a great view every time she 'just has' to shimmy to pass me.
So, at this point in time, I have this, slightly painful, blue balls experience, caused by prolonged 'indirect' stimulation and the promise of what 's in store for me tomorrow. Lindsey knows this and enjoys to build up more pressure.
Lindsay is a big tease and promised to dress up for me in a nice step-in a did buy for her, with jarretels (suspenders) and these fluffy high heels:
So, I just hope I don't shoot of my load at the moment she walks in, all dressed up and ready for spankings and domination:
Marco, thanks for writing. The consclusion is a couple of days
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