We do NOT believe in spanking children!!!

This blog is a real life account of our journey into the wonderful world of Spankings between consenting adults only. Spankings can be playful to satisfy a craving, or involve ideas of loving domestic discipline.



smiling pegging photos and thoughts


be happy, take photos of your cock

admire it

choose the color that you desire

surprise him

pop it out when he does not expect it
 stroke it
sensually approach your man
 or lie on the bed and have him come to you
 erotica wins

 celebrate your kinks

bottoms up


Truly spanked

Have you ever been truly spanked?
you smile and make a bet that it will be no problem for you!
come here
She awaits your undressing
 A little demo of her swing, to strike fear in your mind
enough waiting.. here..NOW
not quite explained to you is that the hand is only the beginning
 then the paddle
 followed by the slipper
and finally the cane
when she finally stops, you are willing to curl up at her feet, and do absolutely everything she wants
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the telephone informs you of your fate

Well, once upon a time, people used telephone that were located in only one place, and the telephones had tails
Imagine a telephone call like this from your partner (nowadays, it might be a simple text)
She will describe how you will stand in front of her and lower your underwear
and then she will first use your own belt on your bottom
then you will move to the living room where she will sit on the sofa and spank you with her wooden hair brush, and by now she will be controlling your legs to keep you in place
and then you will strip naked for the wooden paddle, and you dare not move out of position, or the entire spanking will start all over immediately
fun thoughts, and then you will orally satisfy her
remember ladies:

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spanking art

A few more spanking artwork with captions from years long since past

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spankster humorous thoughts of the day

Here is one key that blogging spanksters could use...
Rodney Dangerfield one liner:

The cost of living has now gotten so bad that my wife is having sex with me because she can't afford batteries.

If only this was true
You will love doing it
and she might even be smiling while being spanked
Imagine the fun one could have with a twister dress
reduce stress!!!
My exact sentiments
 This may be true, but if you ever tell your girl friend
she will happily spank your bottom an extremely rosy red
 and if she has never spanked you yet
You are in deep trouble if you fall for this challenge!
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adventurous Tuesdays: being spanked in front of others

This is a fantasy for many people, and a reality for some.
Maybe the embarrassment starts when your wife informs others that you are spanked. 
If your reaction is like the above, could this be your future?
sometimes even,
the wife photos the scene, and her three bridge companions do the spanking

 and the result is one WELL SPANKED BOTTOM!
Those paddles look really effective
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